Zfx™ DentalCAD X

The future begins now!

The new Zfx™ DentalCAD X provides numerous features and almost unlimited opportunities. A simplified workflow enables quick and easy design of prostheses, further software additions enable a patientspecific modification and the new virtual articulator supports the detection of interferences during the movement of the patient’s jaw. Do you want more? Discover all the features of the new version and start now with Zfx™ DentalCAD X!

The Zfx™ DentalCAD X can only be used in combination with the Zfx™ Manager

Full Denture Module

Digital Dentures

Full Denture Module – Worktype-Update Zfx™ Manager

  • The Zfx™ DentalCAD X contains new work parameters for various manufacturing processes.
  • Each production method has an optimized tooth pocket geometry for best adaptation results.
  • New design parameters are now available for maximum freedom of choice of the production processes.
Full Denture Modul EinzelbogenprothesenFull Denture Module – Single Arch Dentures

  • The new Zfx™ DentalCAD X enables the construction of single arch dentures.
  • The simplified model analysis for single arch dentures is based on the antagonist. The prosthetic tooth set-up is defined with just a few clicks.
  • The teeth can be adapted to the antagonists with one click, also using the virtual articulator (optional additional module)  and individualized patient movements.
Full Denture Modul VerbesserungenFull Denture Module – Improvements

  • The tooth library was expanded to over 240 integrated tooth shapes.
  • Some libraries are open for printing / milling, scaling, self-shaping, free-form etc. for personalizing the full dentures for each patient.
  • Simple prostheses can now be automatically selected as an option in the assistant workflow.
  • The software creates an additional output, tooth and denture base in a single file directly in the Zfx ™ Manager project folder.

Zfx™ Dental CAD Kronenbrücken

Zfx™ DentalCAD X – Extended workflow for crown bridges (Thimble crown bridges)

  • An improved “Thimble Crown Bridge Workflow” enables to create virtual gingiva-supported frameworks based on thimble crown bridge designs.
  • With the Zfx ™ DentalCAD ​​X, crowns can easily be designed on the bridge framework without manual re-scanning or marking of the margins.
  • If requested by the user, it is alternatively possible to re-import the scanned crown bridge framework into the existing scene and the previously designed anatomical crowns can be reused for the final design of the superstructure.
  • It’s possible to use the original anatomical shape for the crowns.
  • The new automatically virtual gingiva blockout now allows the crowns of the superstructure to be placed on the margin of the substructure.

Zfx™ Dental CAD Unterkonstruktionen

Zfx™ DentalCAD X – Design on scanned substructures

  • The software enables the design of large virtual waxups or offset structures on scanned bars by defining a single large finishing line and waxup bottom for all teeth at the same time.
  • Select the Substructure Scan worktype in the Zfx ™ Manager and let yourself be guided through the workflow to design large bridges on scanned bridges, for example to create a digital mockup.
  • In combination with the extended workflow for thimble crown bridges, it is possible to design large bar-borne virtual gingiva sleeve crown bridges with anatomical shapes in a special workflow.

Zfx™ Partial CAD Deckprothesen

Zfx™ Partial CAD – Design of overdentures on partial frameworks

  • The smooth combination of Zfx™ PartialCAD ​​and Zfx™ DentalCAD ​​now enables the construction of virtual gingiva-supported bridges directly on the designed partial.
  • Blocking out the gingival bottom considers the imported geometry and improves the fitting of the milled or printed overdenture.

Virtual Articulator Modul

Virtual Articulator Module – Improvements

  • The FAG Quickmaster has been added to the virtual articulators.
  • A new option to include or exclude pre-OP or wax-up scans enables workflows in which the articulator should be guided from the original patient scan data.
  • It‘s now possible to measure the distance to the articulator during manual jaw positioning in the virtual articulator.
Digital Waxup Modelle


Zfx™ Model Creator

New and extended Features

  • Waxup models are easy to create using a specific step in the expert mode.
  • The additional file is automatically saved in the project folder.
Dynamische Offsets Dynamische OffsetsDynamic offsets for laboratory analogs

  • Since not every 3D printer has the same tolerances, a new parameter for the radial offset between the analogs is now available.

Neue Zahnbibliotheken

New Tooth Libraries

New libraries for beautiful and functional natural teeth have been added:

  • e-xofan
  • Psarris
  • Psarris – elderly version

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