Scanner & Software Packages

Throw off the restricting chains of closed systems!


The two Zfx Scanner & Software packages BASIC and ADVANCED offer an open system for all standard materials and indications.

Zfx offers you the chance of keeping the added value you generate in your own laboratory. Completely independent of the type of material or indication: two perfectly aligned packages comprising of a high-end 3D scanner and highly efficient CAD software for your lab; and at a sensational price!


Comprises of a Zfx Scan III scanner and Zfx CAD PC including software. The Zfx Scan III offers outstanding performance in the capturing and processing of digital dental data.


Compact, precise and versatile – The package with the latest generation scanner Zfx Evolution! Thanks to the highest possible scanning accuracy of less than 9µm per solid (measurement in accordance with VDI, the European laboratory and field validation test procedures), models digitized by this device provide the perfect basis for the construction of extremely complex geometries such as bars and implant-supported direct screw-retained bridge frameworks.

Software modules

• Multi-Die Function
Scanning up to 12 preps in one scan (includes the necessary software function and appropriate accessories).Scan 12 preps and design 12 basic frameworks in 10 minutes!

• Virtual articulator
Enables the digitalisation and integration of articulated models (articulator systems Artex®, Protar®, SAM®, Stratos® and Panadent ®) into the software.

• Abutment Designer
Designing of individual implant abutments. The associated library includes connector geometries for all popular implant systems.

• Bar Designer
Digitally design bars of all kinds as well as the placement of separation attachments and Locators.

• True Smile Module
Display restorations in the software with almost photographic realism.

• Dicom Viewer for the visualization and storage of DICOM data (e.g. surgical templates).

• Bite-Splint: The Zfx Bite Splint module allows the fast and high-quality construction of therapeutic bite splints.

We supply you with premium technology at prices that are only possible through bundled procurement management. All of the technologies used have met strict selection and testing criteria and proven them¬selves in practice. With the bundled procurement management, price advantages can be directly passed on to our customers. This makes it possible that with two units a day, the investment is already paid off after one year. It’s our pleasure to make you an offer without obligation!

Basic Package

  • Zfx 3D Scanner
  • Zfx CAD Software / Open System
  • PC Unit with TFT 22″ Screen
  • Daytime Training Seminar CAD/CAM

Advanced Package

  • Zfx Evolution 3D Scanner
  • Zfx CAD software / open system
  • PC Unit with TFT 22″ Screen
  • Daytime Training Seminar CAD/CAM

Zfx Bonus Options

A reduction in the package price is possible if you undertake to order a certain number of units per month from official Zfx milling centers. Individual quotations on request.

Zfx software training

Zfx software users can rely on the know-how of the developers. Zfx provides training on a regular basis for entry-level users, advanced users and professionals. Individual software training is also possible. More detailed information on the offered courses and the current dates.

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