Zfx Scan Service

Scan service with our own proprietary software from model to virtual 3D data with maximum efficiency!


The correct digital capture and processing of 3D data is the elementary key to the success of a reliable, accurate and above all automated process chain. For this reason Zfx has developed both its own 3D scanner technology plus, in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, a dedicated dental CAD software and combined these into a service package.

Make use of our scan service to ensure your success!

Scan service at a glance

  • Scanning of working model, opposing jaw, squash bite, wax-ups
  • Scanning of an articulated casting
  • Measuring accuracy less than 9 µm in the solid!
  • Articulator systems: Artex®, Protar®, SAM®, Stratos® and others on request
  • All the popular implant systems available for 1-piece and 2-piece abutments and direct screw retained bar and bridge constructions.

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