CAD Software

Open system – model to milling in the blink of an eye



Zfx CAD software takes you from the model to the milling machine in the blink of an eye – the post-processing of the automatically generated designs is kept to a minimum.

The scanned data and design objects are processed with a unique menu assistant and virtual articulator based on the Artex system. Anatomic designs with optional ceramic reduction for: crowns, bridges, inlays, telescopic crowns, Maryland bridges, implant bridges, abutments, wax-ups and attachments. The design data enable high-precision 5-axis simultaneous machining in the milling centre.

Preparation of the CAD data

The design software’s input data are unsegmented 3D scans of the actual arrangement in the patient’s mouth. The scan data of the preparations, opposing jaws and gingiva must be available in triangulated form (STL or OFF format). To locate the edges of the preparation, the user selects one point on the edge of the preparation; undercuts are automatically blocked out. The remaining operations and the interior surface of the crowns are automatically computed and adapted to the available tools. All crown restorations can be dynamically, anatomically and individually adjusted.

The perfect connection

Whether the implants were inserted by Astra Tech, Biomet 3i, Camlog, Dentsply Friadent, Implantium, Megagen, Nobel Biocare, Osstem, Straumann, Sweden and Martina, Thommen Medical or Zimmer Dental, Zfx always provides the right abutments.

A number of connector geometries which ensures compatibility with commonly used implant systems are stored in the library of the Zfx CAD software. The user first selects the implant used and then designs the implant structure. In doing so, the compatible connector type is automatically taken into account in the design proposed by the software. When modelling is complete, the entire data record for the design together with information on the titanium base is sent to the milling center where the required element is produced. Implant abutments are available as direct screw retained or supplied with a titanium base. Click here to visit our online shop!

Software modules

  • Multi Die:Function for scanning up to 12 dies in one scan (includes the necessary software function and appropriate accessories).
  • Virtual Articulatorenables digitalisation and integration of articulated models (articulator systems Artex®, Protar®, SAM®, Stratos® and Panadent®) into the software.
  • Abutment Designer:Tool for designing custom implant abutments. The associated library includes connector geometries for all common implant systems.
  • Bar Designerallows the digital design of all kinds of bars as well as the placement of separation attachments and Locators.
  • True-Smile Modulefor displaying restorations in the software with almost photographic realism.
  • Dicom Viewerfor the visualization and storage of DICOM data (e.g. surgical templates).
  • Bite-Splint:The Zfx Bite Splint module allows the fast and high-quality construction of therapeutic bite splints.

Training included

Zfx software users can rely on the know-how of the developers. A software training seminar and updates are standard Zfx services and part of the software partner package.


  • Easy operation via menu assistant
  • Zfx dental software makes it possible to design individual crowns and bridges in any span width
  • Virtual articulator: Artex CN
  • Many other features for the generation of technical CAD designs, e.g. inlays, attachments, Maryland bridges and telescopic crowns
  • 5-axis milling strategies and templates for the different materials and indications are integrated in the software

Implant systems compatible with Zfx

  • Biomet 3i: Certain®, Conical®, IOL®, Low Profile®, Osseotite®
  • Camlog: Screw Line®, VARIO SR®
  • Dentsply Implants (Astratech): OsseoSpeed®, UniAbutment®
  • Dentsply Implants: Multi-Purpose®, Frialit-Xive®
  • Dentium: Implantium, Superline
  • Megagen: AnyRidge®, EZ Plus®, Rescue Internal®
  • Nobel Biocare: Active®, Brånemark®,Multi-unit®, Replace®
  • Osstem: GS & TS System®
  • Straumann Institut: Bone Level®, Mutli-Base®, SynOcta®
  • Sweden & Martina: Global®, Outlink²®, Premium Kohno®
  • Thommen Medical: SPI®
  • Zimmer: Tapered Screw Vent®, Shoulder Abutment®, SwissPlus®, Tapered Abutment®