Zfx Shade

Dental colour measurement made easy – fast, accurate and reliable



The patented colour measuring instrument consists of a spectrophotometer controlled by a Linux machine. Zfx Shade is user-friendly and compatible with Microsoft Windows. The spectrophotometer is equipped with LED lighting; for each measured wavelength another LED type is used. If the measuring button is pressed, the light source illuminates the entire spectrum of the visible light at short intervals. The colours are guided along a light conductor which divides into two light conductors and can thus bring together the symmetrical light on the measuring object. The image of the measuring object, illuminated by the coloured light, is then reflected onto a special black and white CCD sensor which is located at the end of the optic. This CCD sensor measures the data in the visible area from 400 to 700 nm.


Image recording & data transfer

For each image recording, the internal computer analyses more than 2 million reference points and can also control all functionalities of the system. During shade taking the selected image detail is displayed as colour image on the high-resolution LCD. This enables correct positioning and thus the best measuring quality. In addition, the user interface which is operated via touch panel provides additional information about the patient data. There is the possibility to voice record a message which is then backed by the image.

The spectral images and spectral data can be stored on the device, transferred to the PC via W-LAN or SD memory card, or directly transmitted to the lab via e-mail or on CD-ROM.


  • Simple to use: with one click to more than 2 million image data
  • Measuring speed less than 1 second/image
  • Objective measurement of the colour spectrum of teeth and crowns
  • Link to all existing ceramic standards
  • High-resolution LCD display with touch screen
  • Portable (900g)

Features of Zfx Shade

  • Type of device: Spectrophotometer
  • Spectral data, physical: from 410 to 680 nm
  • Spectral data, calibrated: from 400 to 720 nm, in steps of 10 nm
  • Sensor: Black-white CCD sensor (for spectral measurements)
  • Weight: 900 g

Measuring data

  • Lighting 2 x 45°, polarised, telecentric, monochromatic
  • Recording with 0°, polarised, telecentric
  • Measurement area: ~18 x 14 mm with 640 x 480 points
  • Digital resolution 640 x 480 = 307,200 (=N° of spectral curves)
  • Optical resolution: ~0.03 x 0.03 mm for each point
  • Repeat: better than dE of 0.5 on the tooth
  • Device compliance: better than dE of l on the tooth