5-Axis Milling Machine

Up to triple productivity with Zfx milling strategies compared to conventional systems.5axismillingmachine


Manufacturing units, which are capable of implementing even highly complex geometries by means of 5-axis simultaneous machining, are used in Zfx milling centers. Both available machines have been carefully tested over many years and have been optimally in-corporated into Zfx‘s digital workflow.


The SAUER – ULTRASONIC 20 linear milling machine is based on a special actuator system, by means of which an ultrasonic frequency is transmitted from the spindle to the tool holding fixture by means of induction.
This generates an additional oscillating kinetic movement in the tool, resulting in a considerable reduction of the effective process forces, a significant increase in the chip removal rate and the best surface quality for the dental prosthesis.

Zfx Ultramill

The Zfx Ultramill machining center impresses with its rigidity and low vibration characteristics, which lead to high dynamic performance and manufacturing precision. Among other things, this is made possible by the reinforced concrete structure on which the machine bed and travelling columns are based.

Zfx milling technology operates with low process forces, and in combination with long-standing Zfx experience it guarantees productive chip-removal rates and highest surface qualities.