Materials & Indications

High-end dental prostheses – Perfection in all materials and all indications.

High-quality dental prostheses – from inlay to abutment, from cobalt-chromium to zirconium. Your added value is our goal.

The Zfx network has extensive knowledge in the production of high-quality dental prostheses, which has been incorporated in the development of software, scanning technology and 5-axis milling processes over the course of several decades. It has succeeded in creating a platform that addresses all the challenges of a constantly changing range of requirements and materials. While many systems today are specifically designed for a particular material group, our system is able to deliver the highest quality results independent of the material used.

Overview of indications

  • milled glass-ceramic raw part and finished crown
  • individual Abutments
  • PMMA temporary appliances
  • Screw-retained implant bridge
  • Press-over system
  • Telescopic crowns
  • Non-precious metal crowns, bridges and abutments
  • Full Span bridges
  • Implant bridges

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Zirconium Dioxide
Dioxide “effect”
Glass Ceramics
Burn-out Plastic
Fibre Reinforced