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21st-22nd Sept. 2020Darmstadt, GermanyExocad Insights 2020
11th-13th June 2020Nürtingen, GermanyJahrestagung der ADT

Digital Lab Training

Open Day: Digital Lab

The Zfx digital lab workshop will overview the Zfx management software, functions & options, scanning process and information on the Zfx network. Hands-On: Trial scan and modelling of your own work up to 3 units or 1 individual abutment. Up to 2 hours CPD available. Course takes place at Zfx Birmingham. The dates on which the course will be running are listed on the right. If you would like to book please click on the appropriate date to request availability.



Individal BookingFREE
Group BookingFREE

Individual Booking Covers up to two people

CAD Software: Basic

Crown & bridge design, inlay, onlay & veneer, overpress function, waxup functions
Course objectives: Starting up the scanner, Zfx scan III, Zfx Evolution, Zfx management software (Dental DB)
Hands-On: Simulation of a patient case using the Zfx management software through to upload of the finished data. 6 hours CPD available.

Dates for individual courses (1-2 Pers.) by agreement.



Individual Booking£100 per person
Group Booking£75 per person (up to 3)

CAD Software: Advanced

Individual abutments (for bonding on a titanium base or milled from a single piece), Occlusally screw-retained abutments (for direct veneering), Screw-on bridges, Different types of bar constructions (Dolder, Hader, …), Attachments and thread setting for Locator.

Course objectives: Abutment designer, Bar designer, Virtual articulator, use of various help tools, special functions for complex restorations, bite-splint. 6 hours CPD available.

Hands-On: Simulation of a patient case with high-end construction

Course situated at Zfx Birmingham. Dates for individual courses (1-2 Pers.) or courses on location by agreement.


Individal Booking£650 per person
Group Booking£350 per person (up to 3)