Zfx Evolution

Precise Scans for Complex Construction


The Zfx Evolution is a new, fully automated lab scanner which measurement method is based on the principle of strip light projection. It arrives from the company’s development centre in Bolzano, Italy and offers – as with all components of Zfx CAD/CAM systems – open interfaces. Thanks to the highest possible scanning accuracy of less than 9 µm per solid (measurement in accordance with VDI, the European laboratory and field validation test procedures), models digitized by this device provide the perfect basis for the construction of extremely complex geometries such as bars and implant-supported screw-retained bridge frameworks.

Maximum precision is achieved through a fully automated calibration of the device with every scan as well as by the combination of an established measurement method with high-tech cameras – the LED light source of the strip light scanner projects a total of 128 line pairs on the surface of the model during a scan. These are recorded by two cameras with a resolution of 1,296 x 964 pixels.  The swiveling and rotating positioning unit inside the scanner, on which the model is placed, guarantees precise detection of its entire details.
Additional highlights of the scanner include a minimum measurement time of only 980ms for productive working processes and easy and confident handling thanks to the automated user guide and an intuitive user interface. The Zfx Evolution scanner will be available in a package together with a PC and a basic software package or alternatively, with five different additional software modules.

Zfx Evolution – Details

  • Number of cameras: 2
  • Resolution: 1,296 x 964 pixels
  • Camera sensor system: s/w, CCD, USB
  • Light source: 25 Watt LED (green)
  • Number of projected line pairs: 128
  • Positioning unit: 2 axis (swiveling and rotating)
  • Minimum measurement time: 980ms
  • Scan time single stump: 20 s
  • Scan time per model: 1.2 min
  • Scan accuracy: < 9µm per solid (measurement in accordance with VDI, the European laboratory and field validation test procedures)
  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 320 x 434 x 477 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Power supply: AC 110 / 220 Volt, 50 – 60 Hz


  • Open system (STL data records)
  • Maximum precision with direct screw-retained implant constructions (sending of models not necessary. Precision under 9 µm per solid! – Measurement in accordance with VDI, the European laboratory and field validation test procedures.)
  • Previously unattainable scanning speed!
  • Digitization of articulated models(Artex®, SAM®, Protar®, Stratos® and more)
  • Photometric surface detection (e.g. hand marked preperation margin)
  • Automatic detection of the implant and articulation systems by means of an innovative Zfx barcode system



The Zfx Barcode System


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