Zfx Milling Service

The fastest way to high-end dental prosthesis

Zfx configures years of experience to integrated optimised process chain and comprehensive range of services.

Our expertise: The Zfx network offers a complete, optimised process chain for the production of high-quality dental prostheses that is perfectly coordinated right down to the last detail – from scanner technology to the latest dedicated software systems and on right through to high-precision 5-axis machining. The result is a unique platform of knowledge and expertise for all indications and for all materials without exception created by Zfx.

The Zfx range of services: The Zfx success formula adds up the complete dental process chain plus local competence and client communication and multiplies these impressive success factors with centralised purchasing and marketing structures to provide dental laboratories with a competitively priced range of services with an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.

Our vision: Zfx sees itself as a network of expertise in the sector of industrial dental prostheses production as well as an economic counterbalance to international low-cost providers and as an economical alternative to the inflexible offers made by large corporate groups.

Zfx scan serviceFor laboratories without their own scanning process, Zfx provides a comprehensive service package for µm-accurate digital recording of dental models. The own 3D scanner technology and the dental-specific CAD software developed together with the Fraunhofer Institut in Munich ensure fast and highly accurate digital recording.

Zfx™ implant bridges and bars: Everything in one package

With the new Zfx™ Premium Restorative Packages for cobalt-chromium and zirconium, Zfx provides everything necessary for screw-retained, implant-supported bridge frameworks in one. As well as the framework with up to ten links, the zirconium dioxide package also contains the titanium bases and screws compatible with the particular implant system. Zfx™ Premium Restorative Package for cobalt-chromium includes the framework with up to ten units and the necessary fixing screws. Tedious ordering of individual parts is now a thing of the past!

Benefits at a glance

  • High-tech dental prostheses “Made-In-Germany”
  • Milling technology for all materials and all indications
  • Unique technological know-how
  • Regional scan service
  • Top conditions
  • Competent consulting
  • Higher standard of quality thanks to the certification of all Zfx partners

Implant systems compatible with Zfx

  • Biomet 3i: Certain®, Conical®, IOL®, Low Profile®, ExHex®
  • BioHorizons: Tapered Internal®
  • Bredent: SKY uni.cone®, SKY fast and fixed®, SKY®
  • Camlog: Screw Line®, VARIO SR®
  • Dentsply Implants (Astratech):OsseoSpeed®, UniAbutment®
  • Dentsply Implants: Multi-Purpose®, Frialit-Xive®
  • Megagen: AnyRidge®, EZ Plus®, Rescue Internal®
  • MIS: Internal Hex®
  • Nobel Biocare: Active®, Brånemark®, Multi-unit®, Replace®
  • Osstem: GS & TS System®
  • P-I: Amplified®, Conical Abutment®, External Hexagon®, Morse Taper®
  • Straumann Institut: Bone Level®, Mutli-Base®, SynOcta®, Octa® (External Octagon)
  • Sweden & Martina: Global®, Outlink²®, Premium Kohno®
  • Thommen Medical: SPI®
  • Zimmer: Tapered Screw Vent®, Shoulder Abutment®, SwissPlus®, Tapered Abutment®, Eztetic Implant®