Zfx CAM Software

Open, flexible and highly automated production


Open systems ensure better flexibility for significant time and cost advantages when milling individual crowns, small and multi-segmented bridges and abutments of different types of implants.

hyperDENT® is an open and highly automated programming system. It adjusts to procedures in dental laboratories and enables digital, precise production of dental prostheses. Complete NC programs can be created with only a few mouse clicks and entries. hyperDENT is based on an automatic operator guidance user interface with automated functions. With 3D processing strategies, strategies for angled milling and 5-axis simultaneous processing, even fully anatomic crowns and bridges can be produced at highest quality.

Complete program created quickly

With hyperDENT®, users can create a complete NC program in less than 10 steps. Once the machine and fixture are specified, the raw part is loaded and the object is positioned with a mouse click.. The objects can be tilted to minimise the required height of the raw part. Processing in this case occurs angled. Preparation limits are detected automatically and the processing strategy is allocated at a click of the mouse. Connectors can be set automatically as well as manually and sinter pins can be set at a click of the mouse. The toolpaths are then calculated automatically.

Worldwide leading CAM technology

hyperDENT® integrates the processing strategies of the internationally successful hyperMILL® CAM software. This software, which is well known for trend-setting technologies, is used in innovative industries like the aerospace industry, Formula 1 and medical technology. The technology is also already used in the dental industry in order to create implants and pre-fabricated abutments.

Perfection through well-proven Zfx know-how

In the past few years, Zfx was able to acquire a comprehensive and highly valuable know-how in dealing with 5-axis-milling procedures. The combination of modern milling technology and many years of Zfx experience lead to ideal milling strategies and thus perfect results – altogether an unbeatable service package for the dental industry, enabling work which is one to three times more productive compared with con­ventional systems.


  • Perfectly co-ordinated milling strategies thanks to long-standing Zfx experience – optimum process security for all partners
  • Automatic operator guidance, undercut detection, modern 5-axis milling strategies
  • High process security thanks to collision-free processing even of undercuts and processing simulation