New! Zfx™ Jaw Motion Import Module

Precise import of a patient’s jaw motion data

With the new ZfxTM Jaw Motion Import Module 3D design optimization becomes more accurate than ever! The actual patient‘s jaw movements are recorded and submitted to the software. The new module enables optimal functional analysis, whereby restorations can be produced in the best possible way for the patient.

This is how it works:

ZfxTM Jaw Motion Import Module accurately transmits measurement data of jaw motions (measured by jaw registration systems) into the software. The records of the actual, dynamic jaw movements of a patient can be transmitted directly into the software. The production of restorations is thus raised to a new level! The import module operates together with the virtual articulator.

For experts:

Combine the ZfxTM Jaw Motion Import Module with the Model Creator! This enables the production of innovative semi-dynamic physical models.