Zfx™ GenTek™ Pre-milled Titanium Abutment Blanks now available!

Exciting news for all those who would like to benefit from genuine connection restorations: the latest addition to the digital portfolio is Zfx™ GenTek™ Pre-milled Abutment Blanks. These blanks enable dental technicians to produce one-piece customized titanium abutments in their own laboratory without compromising connection quality and restoration performance.

Zfx™ GenTek™ Pre-milled Abutment Blanks have a genuine pre-fabricated connection, which is designed to work seamlessly with the selected Zimmer Biomet Dental Certain®, External Hex, TSV® / Trabecular Metal™ or Eztetic® Implant. The blanks are ideal for clinicians who prefer custom titanium abutments while ensuring a robust and stable interface that delivers long-term aesthetic and physical integrity for their patients.

Processing flexibility results from the fact that GenTek™ Pre-milled Abutment Blanks are perfectly compatible with equipment used in virtually every dental laboratory. The pre-fabricated genuine connection ensures that the dental technician is able to design and mill a patient-specific abutment without compromising fit and performance.

The new abutment blanks join a family of genuine connection ti-bases, for implant and abutment level, that are equipped with Zimmer Biomet Dental’s proven Friction Fit and SureSeal™ Technologies. Zfx™ GenTek™ Intraoral Scanbodies, GenTek™ Desktop Scanbodies and Zfx™ GenTek™ Digital Scan Analogs are available to support the digital process with accurate data acquisition, transfer and final restoration fit.

Thanks to the addition to the GenTek™ Restorative Components portfolio, it is now possible to leverage the advantages of a genuine connection to Zimmer Biomet Dental implants every time a high-quality custom abutment is produced. Restrictions in the selection of the prosthetic final restoration and place of manufacture are a thing of the past.

Zfx GenTek Pre-milled Abutment Blanks Holders

Zfx™ GenTek™ Pre-milled Abutment Blanks are approved for use with a variety of Zfx™ Pre-milled Abutment Blank Holders and all milling machines that work with Medentika PreFace® Abutment Holders for maximum processing flexibility.

Zfx GenTek Pre-milled Abutment Holder