New! Zfx Dental CAD 8.0

More features, more power, more highlights!

The new Zfx Dental CAD 8.0 offers a wide range of new features and technologies. More colours for higher visibility, the possibility to create separated gingiva masks or more options during the free-forming step are only 3 of the new highlights. Stay up to date with the new software. Zfx Dental CAD 8.0 simplifies workflows. Convince yourself!

Textured/Coloured scans
from our Zfx EvolutionPlus+ are now supported in the new Zfx Dental CAD 8.0 for better distinguishability and higher visibility.

Zfx Digital intraModel
In the Zfx Digital intraModel was implemented the possibility to create separated gingiva masks, which are removable like on a classical stone model with artificial gum gingiva.

Tooth library “HD” 
The new tooth library “HD” brings your more possibilities to individualise your daily projects.

Personalise Zfx CAD 8.0
Choose one of the new background colours and individualise your daily workstation.

New options during the Free-forming step, which simplify and accelerate your entire workflow, like the single button “Cut All Intersections” or the customizable disk-cutters.

Reference SL von GammaDental
The Reference SL from GammaDental a new articulator with his ZfxTM Arti-Synchronizer to bring the physical situation into the digital Zfx workflow.

Virtual Articulator
Virtual Articulator allows flexible selection by brush or click on the tooth surface to include or exclude parts in collision detection during the simulation of the articulator movements.

Zfx Webview
permits you to export complete 3D scenes from the Zfx Dental CAD, share them with your partners and customers, those can be opened in a commune web-browser or on a modern mobile device.

Cut-View permits to have under control the thickness of each single layer in a simple 2D image.

Expanded Zfx Implant Library

The already very numerous Zfx Implant Library has been furthermore expanded and supplemented.

Compatible with:
BIOMET 3I Low Profile® | ANTHOGYR Axiom®, Multi-unit® | BIOTECH DENTAL Conical abutment, Kontact | GLOBAL D In-Kone®, Angled conical abutment, Straight conical abutment, Twinkon® | MIS Multi-unit® | NOBEL BIOCARE Active® | STRAUMANN INSTITUT NNC®