New Implant Level Ti-Bases for Certain and External Hex Connections

Premium implants deserve premium prosthetic components. The GenTek™ Restorative Components are the solution for anyone who uses genuine Zimmer Biomet Dental implants. As part of an open digital workflow, the genuine connection Ti-Bases ensure the highest product quality and a precise fit through the integration of proven Zimmer Biomet Dental technologies. GenTek™ Restorative Components are now available for the Zimmer Biomet Dental Implant-Level Connection Tapered Screw-Vent®, Trabecular Metal™, Eztetic®, Certain® and External Hex®.

Coming soon:
GenTek™ Ti-Bases for the Abutment-Level Connection Tapered Abutment & Low Profile Abutment

SureSeal™ Technology for Certain® and External Hex® Implant Systems

  • Combination of the proprietary Gold-Tite® screw provides superior integrity at the interface between the implant and abutment
  • Increases the clamping force by up to 113%, thereby maximizing the abutment stability
  • Minimizes abutment micromotion and reduces potential microleakage

Available Zfx™ GenTek™ components

  • Ti-Base: compatible with Sirona CEREC® Blocks
  • Intraoral and Desktop Scanbodies: Highly precise digitization of the real implant position
  • Digital Scan Analog: 3-in-1 as digital analog, conventional analog, and scanbody